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DOUBLE, Revenue, INCREASE, Profit


Antoine was born and raised in Washington DC. He is a loving husband and a father. The love for his family has always been the fuel for his fire, his “why” that pulls him towards his goals, and the reason to go above and beyond on what he is doing. As an entrepreneur, he loves learning and finding new ways in putting his craft to the next level.


At an early age, he already started learning the profound meaning of work ethics, quality work, integrity and being proud of what you do. He was nine years old when he was sweeping floors and stacking drinks in the fridge at his local corner store. During the summer of his childhood he was helping his grandfather and that is when he learned so much about real estate and grew passionate for it. He planned on being a real estate agent after graduating HS but then the market crashed. He took a job at a hotel for 7 years. While working, he plotted his path towards his goal and be a successful real estate entrepreneur.


Currently, he owns a real estate company that operates virtually and in an almost auto-pilot fashion. His effective team reaches out to thousands of leads, closes deals and generates revenue. All this while he works on giving back to people. Helping people achieve their financial happiness thru sharing his experiences and knowledge about the real estate landscape. He strives to provide value to his community and put people “ON”.


If Antoine isn’t grinding, you can see him enjoying a cigar while listening to some audio books, and spending time with his family and friends.


Get to learn more about what he can share with you here or see him live in action  helping other people succeed.


"Become PURE value and you will attract everything that you want."                                                                                                                                 -antoine campbell



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